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So my company is sending me out to Lisle once more, from July 1st to July 3rd, to help with the final stage of the transition. So from Wednesday to Friday I'll be chilling in the Marriot on Diehl Rd in Naperville, doing my part to increase carbon emissions by guzzling Sam Adams and smoking cigarettes outside.

I shall also reacquaint myself with Marty (the bartender at Morton Steakhouse), and possibly get another French Dip RB sandwich at the White Chocolate Grill, both in that Freedom Plaza place. Still too young for car rentals, but I'll have comp'd transportation at my disposal the entire time. :)

My final moving schedule is simple. My company is flying me out again on the 9th. My father is renting a big-ass truck to drive himself and my stuff to Lisle. My move-in date is the 10th. That weekend I set up my pad, and then on Monday the 13th I begin my new job on an official basis. Within a few weeks, my car will arrive as well, and then the real fun begins. I should definitely have it a few weeks before the Chicago Meet, which I plan on attending. :D

So, if there is anyone who's going to be around town at the tail end of next week, Wed-Fri, I'm going to be living it up as a stranger in a strange land. Not sure what my work schedule will be like, but probably I'll be getting out at 5:00 each day. Anyone wanting to stop by and say hello, or stop by for some drinks is welcome to. I've also got a company card with a ridiculously high spending limit on meals and entertainment, so if you're down to hang out, dinner's on me. :thumbsup: :bighead: '96Fleetwood stopped by to meet me on my last trip out here - our meals at Ballydoyle combined to less than a third of what I'm allowed to spend each day, so I should be able to accomodate a group if that can be arranged.

So, those are the breaks. Can't wait to move and start anew in a fresh setting, and can't wait to meet some of our Chicago Area members. It's looking like a fun summer ahead. :cool:
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