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Last month's "Acura" meet

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Every year a bunch of us Acura CL/TL guys meet up to hang out for a weekend and enjoy cars. This year we met up in Medford, OR and did a drive out to Crater Lake, OR. If you're ever in the area, it is simply beautiful. Anyway, here are a few clips from the meet. The first 3 were taken with my ChaseCam suction cup mount and a Canon SD500 digital camera. The last video was taken with a regular digital video camera. You'll quickly notice that most of us no longer own Acura vehicles. ...and BTW, that isn't my V and I made all of this up :)

The NSX is front of me has the new Comptech twin-screw supercharger, full exhaust, full suspension and will beat any stock V (as I found out). I'll have my revenge in the spring though...Mmmmm Magnacharger! We also weren't trailing each other too closely as there were alot of rocks on the road and we all hate rock chips.

Please right-click, Save As...

Clip1 - 20.3MB

Clip 2 - 27.7MB

Clip 3 - 21.1MB

Clip - 57.3MB
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Very nice video. I can actually watch that without getting sick. Great scenery too and I don't mean the trees. Ok, ok, the trees are great too.
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