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I've seen dozens of threads around here about the horrors of changing the cabin air filter in these cars. Having sucessfully completed this job first in a last gen Park Avenue and then in my STS, i have a few tips to offer.

I'd like for this thread to become a knowledge base of advice, as opposed to a collection of horror stories, so that future members may have an easier time changing these things.

In the Seville:

-Remove the panel along the console near the floor. This will give access to the shift cable so that it can be tied to a lower point.

-To remove the filters, locate the access door above the gas pedal. One member suggested removing the gas pedal to ease in removal/installation.

-Slide the filters out and vacuum the compartment out s best as possible.

-Grind the first tab on the 2 lower filters to help them get started on the slide.

-lubricate the tracks of the filters using a parrafin wax, vaseline, or similar.

-on the flaps that stick out on the edge of the filters, I've noticed success in removing the 2 tabs on them, they only get in the way and a pair of pliers snaps them off easily.

-the filters need to negotiate a near 90 degree bend, then straighten out as they interlock. I like to prebend the filters by working them in both directions to they are fairly loose and slide in more easily.

-I like to use one hand to guide and the other to push in the filter.

-the best position I've found is to lie in the car to change these is either in your back, or right side, with your hands over your head. Slide the seat all the way back beforehand.

-Be warned, you WILL chew your hands up a bit, get hot, dirty, have a backache, and possibly a headache or burn wounds if your drop light slips while you're in a very compromising position. I now preemptively take 2 iuprofens before tackling this.

*****These tips are a mix of mine and of others on the forum I've stumbled across. If any of the tips are yours, and you'd like credit, post in the thread or PM me and I'll be happy to add your name alongside the tip*****

*****Apologies for typos, my hands are still sore from replacing a cabin air filter :)*****

Post tips if you've got them!

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:alchi: When I pulled the original filter at 27,000 miles, it looked as if the previous owner had parked under a dirt tree. I'm fortunate in having a big garage, so, after the miserable experience of just getting the damn filter OUT, I vacuumed the area and left it out. No problems with that route, either.
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