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wow! been on a computer for a number of years, my family through the years has owned at least 11 cadillacs ranging from my uncles 71 'light blue' eldorado to my dads current silver 'v series' [ i myself own a 91 seville] , and i just now discovered that theres not just the 'Haynes do it yourself' Cadillac manual to help me. lol - I'm not only new to this site, I am also new to the the whole 'mechanic' thing. I just started doing my own maintenance and repairs about 2 mos ago after feeling like the F$#stones and the P$# Boys establishments that i had been taking my car to were asking a little to much for their 'labor'. So...I will definetely have some questions for some of you out there and pleaseeeeee... don't laugh when I ask them... :eek:

sure glad I found all you guys/girls...

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