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Re: Lansing Article & CTS-V @ Detroit Autoshow

"This past Christmas season, a Chicago Cadillac dealer saw three people trade in Mercedes-Benz cars to buy Cadillac SRXs in one day, LaNeve said."

It says CARS but I bet they were ML's. If I had my choice between an ML and an SRX, This is a case where I would take the SRX any day of the week hands down. Even though im not a HUGE fan of the SRX design, its still LOADS better than the three pointed star's SUV. I think the ML class Mercedes are some of the worst styled most problematic ones ever to hit the streets.But then, the ML IS built in Alabama...

That said, the SRX with the NorthStar is just too cool. Its a small to medium sized SUV with 320 Horses under the hood and that is pretty damn powerful for this class. The Aviator has a nice powerplant but its bigger, although I like the overall style alot more. Does anything come out of Detroit anymore, or has most production gone to Dearborn and Lansing?
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