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2004 AUTOMOTIVE NEWS WORLD CONGRESS: LaNeve: Cadillac's coming back, but job isn't done

By K.C. Crain
Automotive News / January 14, 2004

Cadillac is on its way back but isn't there yet, said marketing general manager Mark LaNeve.

"What we do next will determine whether we can complete this renaissance or go down in history as having a couple of really good years," he said Wednesday at the Automotive News World Congress.

LaNeve said Cadillac's plan to become the standard of the world has several components:

*Product. Maintain strength in large luxury sedans and SUVs and enter key growth segments. Also use the V-series to re-establish a reputation for power and performance. An ultraluxury Cadillac is part of the plan.

*Image. Build awareness for Cadillac's new products and extend the association with Led Zeppelin through 2004.

*Dealer network. Retain profitable, premium dealers. More than 130 top dealers are renovating or building new stores. Build consistency in dealerships, inside and out.

*Residual values. Continue building residual values. The SRX, XLR and CTS are competitive with the imports.

*Customer satisfaction. Continue to improve scores. Cadillac rose to second in 2003 on J.D. Power and Associates' Initial Quality Study.

LaNeve said Cadillac plans to open 75 dealerships in Europe, including 25 exclusive Cadillac-Corvette stores, by 2007.

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Ralph said:
Instead of renovating the existing dealership buildings, put the money into quality and durability testing to save the rep of the company. People should not be fooled by fancy buildings, because when they buy a fancy car, it had better work flawlessly!
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