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KWs and other suspension tech

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KWs and other suspension tech LOTSA PICS

Finally got around to getting the suspension project completed. Taking a queue from AAIIIC (aka Pat) I went ahead and finished up the mods that were similar to his project. KW 3s with MAP trailing arms and Spectre Werkes bushings, Team Dynamics with R comps. As a bonus I put in the overkill BMR toes rods which fit so poorly that I had to machine some spacers to fill in the gaps. Also I had the car corner weighed. I'll post up some pics in a day or so. Here are some of the specs.

I was disappointed that I didn't make more progress in reducing the weight of the car with all the mods I have. The Exedy, headers, and 2 piece rotors barely put a dent in the curb weight. With stock wheels and Yokos the car curb weight was 3818 (5/8 tank of gas). With me in it 4033lbs. Ouch! The corner weigh specs came out the following

Left Front 1100 lbs. 27.3% Right Front 1098 lbs 27.2%.

Left Rear 927 lbs. 23.0% Right Rear 910 lbs. 22.6%

Front camber was adjusted to -1.8 Left Front and -1.9 Right Front (with me in the car) -1/32 toe each

Rear camber was adjusted to -2.3 Left Rear and -2.5 Right Rear (with me in the car) +1/16 toe each

Can't say I've driven it enough yet to really comment on the results but my short initial impression is pretty favorable. Great turn in and a planted feel in the stern.

All that sh*t back there is noisy. Not terrible, but noticeable. If I could give someone advice I would say don't do these mods for a street car only.

I installed my Exedy in October and drove it about 20 miles before I stored the car for winter. The MAP sensor busted off and the car was running terrible so I never got a good feel for the new clutch. I fixed the sensor and now I can really appreciate the Exedy twin.

I'll try to get some ride height pics posted. My Conti GAC R comps are being mounted on the TD wheels as of this post. I'll throw in some pics of those on the car as well.

Thanks to AAIIIC for providing good info on this set up.
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Spectre-MAP-BMR all together.

A shot of the rear KW and Hotchkiss. Notice the low buck sway bar links that came with the GM racing bars I had. Hey, they work.

Look to the right and you can see the spacer I had machined to fit the BMR toe rod.
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The beefy MAP bearing from off-road applications.

Lots a different colors in this shot of the front.

Here is the new stance. A bit higher than the H&R set up but that's what the corner weigh called for.


The front seems to have good clearance but still looks lowered. About 13&7/8s from the wheel center.
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Ooops. Reorganized my photo bucket and lost the pics. They are back now.
Just got my Conti (Hoosier) Grand Am Cup scrubs mounted to the Team Dynamics. These tires are plentiful on the used market right now. R3 compound that is harder than the R6 sprint tire, these are supposed to be an endurance tire that last quite a while. Not a DOT tire like the R6.

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Ha.. I knew you'd like the poseur lettering and center caps:cool:. I've spent a little driving time with it on Sunday and I like it. I haven't tossed it around very hard but it seems to turn in much better and the rear end comes around easier (or at least it seems). I'm hoping the car isn't to loose with the stiffened up back end. How's yours? Street ride is actually better than or equal to my FG2/HR set up. It's rides a little higher but I'm very happy with that. No vibes but there is a bit of whiiiiiiine from back there with most of the rubber bits gone. The GM front sway bar I had was probably to much for this set up BTW. I'm going to bolt the TDs on today or tomorrow, post some pics, and really impress you with my track bling (or at least impress myself). After reading this Cecco is now totally dumbfounded and had probably sold his V out of frustration. (only kidding Jerry).
I'm going up to Road America next Saturday to sort things out.

PS Those center caps will never fall off even at 200 mph and 2gs.
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Here is the low down on the tires. This is my secret source so be discreet when sharing outside the V posse:canttalk:. They are from the Grand Am series and range from $75 to $100. Mine were 100% tread left for $100.

Jb Racing Tires
John & Mike
4985 Hwy 50
Delavan WI 53115
Office: 262-740-0180
Cell: 262-903-4235

If you have trouble contacting them try the manager Mike, his cell is 262 215 2291

Tell him the guy from Trevor referrred you. They have other tires as well R888s and such.
Glad to help.
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