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Kumho Ecsta ASX - Anyone use them on STS?

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I just picked up a set of Kumho Ecsta ASX (V rated). Just wondering if anyone else used them on their STS? I didn't want the Goodyears, and the dealership wanted $900 Cdn for them, or $1,000 for Michelin MXV (or some crap like that). These appeared to be a better tire from other buyer's on tirerack, just wondering if anyone specifically has used them on the STS, and what I can expect? Thanks for any info!
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I have them on my SLS. Size is 235/50/18. They are a very good tire. Excellent dry traction, excellent wet traction. Quiet. Squeal a bit when pushing it in the corners, but that should be expected. I am pleased with them.

I don't have this particular model of Kumho on my '91 Eldorado, but I do have the Touring 732 that replaced the Michelins on the car. I think the Kumho is a great tire for the money! :thumbsup:
I have them on my SLS. I got them only a few weeks ago and I'm more than happy with them. I would suggest that you get the wheels roadforce balanced when you have them put on. is the site for the procedure that I'm talking about. You can find out if there are any of the machines around you that you can have the tires shipped to from tirerack. Good luck, let us know how it works out for you.
It snowed here last night, so I got my first snow drive with the ASX's today. Although it was light snow (about 2"), the tires handled it flawlessly. No slippage, and braking was perfect. These are turning out to be a great tire, for any price.

So I ended up paying $60 plus tax at my local Ford Dealership (friend works there, my last car was a Taurus SHO that they saw A LOT), which was half of what Canadian Tire wanted. Figured it would be better at any rate to have a qualified mechanic do this, as opposed to some numb nut moron that would have half a clue what he was doing. Anyways, I agree, they are a really good tire, even though I have not yet had any snowfall to test them in. So far, I would recommend them to anyone, especially given their price!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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