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I gave my adult kids a suggestion of a Kreepstool for my birthday later this summer. However, one of my sons mis-read the email and ordered a Kreepstool as a late father's day gift. I'm not complaining.

It's larger and the seat is about 5" higher than my old rolling stool. The added height is handy for detailing larger cars, like my SRX, but I haven't tried it with the vette, yet. The larger storage tray with higher sides is great for holding a second towel when drying. The little screened metal tray is good for toothpicks, q-tips, and toothbrushes. The roller blade wheels are very smooth and don't get hung up on expansion joints. On my sloped drive, there is less tendency to roll downhill. This is probably due to the higher sitting position and where my feet fall. There are two round holders on the rear corners for your favorite cleaners or beverages.

Drawbacks (aside from the $240 price): the larger size requires a storage space on the floor, the larger size also means I have to be careful working around open car doors so I don't back into the door, there are some rough edges along the towel storage tube and tray, the towel storage tube is only useful for small towels, the plastic on the tray seems it may crack if hit, and despite the premium price - it's still made in China.

Is it worth the premium price? Probably not. You can buy and replace a lot of Wal-Mart stools when the wheels fall off for less money. But if you have adult kids that want ideas of what to get dad for a present, why not ask.
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