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KPE carbon fiber vents installed - Pics and review

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I installed the KPE real carbon fiber fender vents today. I love them.
I would like to provide review of the product for those that might be interested. They are only vents, but when you looking at real carbon fiber, not all work is created equal. It is evident that KPE took great care to lay the carbon fiber so that the weave is aligned correctly. When examining low quality carbon fiber you can often see that the carbon fiber weave is not aligned and wavy. There can be large gaps between the weave and large air bubbles can be present in the resin. This was not the case with the KPE carbon fiber vents.

The KPE carbon fiber vents are a quality product. The carbon fiber weave is aligned very nicely. No wavy misaligned carbon fiber weave. The resin is laid uniformly and no large air bubbles are present. There are however very small air bubbles in the resin, but they cannot be seen unless you put your face right up to the part and examine very closely. I contacted KPE about the small bubbles and here is the response from the owner of KPE:

"These parts were designed not be evaluated under a microscope but rather as an enhancement styling product for the exterior of a vehicle. These products are manufactured by hand with dynamic curves and it is not always able to hold the tolerances seen with more expensive processes for manufacturing carbon fiber parts such as an autoclave. With hand laid resin, you may have the rare occurrence of air pockets, but this is common in most hand laid CF parts."

I asked about the resin used on the carbon fiber vents. I was told KPE uses a vinylester resin with a UV protective clear coat. When using resin in carbon fiber parts there are typically 3 types of resin used. Epoxy, vinylester, or Polyesters. Here is a great link that explains the difference between the resins if you are interested. Resin Types.

The short of it is vinylester resin is a quality middle ground resin perfect for this type of part. It is a quality resin that will not yellow or crack. The KPE carbon fiber parts also have a UV clear coat to further protect the resin from aging.

Polyester resign is the cheapest resin which is more prone to crack and yellow over time. Low quality cheaper carbon fiber parts use Polyester resign.

So, KPE in my option makes great quality carbon fiber parts.

In the pics the metal mesh is painted black, which I did myself. Currently KPE only offers the metal mesh in silver. Maybe if enough people want them in black they might start offering that. I love the look with the vents installed I would recommend getting them for sure. Who knows maybe KPE would offer a group buy on them if there is enough interest.

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Thanks. I want to add the rear valance, front splitters, and black out the grill in the near future. It would make the car flow better, and look mean!
Remo, those look amazing on your Thunder Gray car -- they fit right in! Same would probably be true on a black V. I'm less sure of how they'd look on a white, silver or red car though. Very nice!
I think they would look great on any color IMO. It would just be more important to have other supporting mods to support the theme and help it flow. Like carbon fiber front splitters, rear valance, blacked out the front grill, and black or black accented wheels.

Black/Carbon fiber theme on any color looks great IMO:

This is a Australian Holden - (Pontiac)

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I realize I can't give my opinion because I get in trouble...

But here it goes...
They look cheap, ugly and really stupid.
When the stock pieces look awesome compared to these why would you change them?

I'll go hide now....:hide:
Hey, I respect your opinion. That's what's great about moding your car. You can do what you feel looks best and make the car yours.

It's when people get ignorant, rude, and belligerent that an opinion becomes a problem. like your comments (chopmeat) on the last carbon fiber vent thread for example.
When you change the appearance of your car from stock, and post photos, don't expect everyone to agree with your taste. Some people don't care for black wheels and/or lowering, either.
I never expected everyone to agree on how the car looks. That's why I said In My Opinion - IMO. I know it's not for everyone. Check out the pics and post your opinion.

I think we have a great forum community here and I want to contribute. Show what I like and see what others like.

My mods - KPE CAI, KPE carbon vents, JL Audio amp/sub, Boston Acoustics 3.5" replacement speakers, stealth cord wired Escort radar detector.

Not lowered.
Absolutely, Remo! I'm interested in your "stealth cord wired Escort radar detector." Did the wiring come from Escort? Where on the windshield is it located? Did you do the installation yourself? I have a Passport 9500ix but have not direct-wired it, not trusting anyone or myself to do the work to make it look stock. PM me if you like. Thanks.

This will show you how to hard wire your detector. Check this out

This is where I got my stealth cord to wire my detector. Get it here

I plan on getting the Blend mount soon. Get that here.

Hope that helps you out.
Remo, the vents look really good on the Thunder Grey color scheme. I really like the black color mesh on them. I was wondering how did you manage to paint them and was it hard to install the ventson the car?
The vents were not hard to install. I will have a video of my install this coming week some time.

The vents were easy to paint as well. I took blue painters tape and pressed it down around the inside of the carbon fiber and against the metal mesh. I then covered the rest of the exposed carbon fiber with blue tape. Then I carefully cut away the excess tape on the inside with a razor. I painted the vents with Dupi-color automotive spray paint. Three coats of satin black, and 3 coats of clear coat. 20 minutes wait in between coats and 24 hour wait in between black and clear.
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