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TBYRNE Motorsports joined the aftermarket world in November of 1996. We started out specializing in the LT1 Camaro/Firebird and carried over to all of the LS1 cars in '98. We try to stay on the cutting edge and provide customers with new products as they becoming available. Many popular part numbers are kept in stock for shipment anywhere in the world daily. We usually ship with UPS but FED EX can also be used and large orders can be shipped truck freight.

We're warehouse distributors for a wide variety of manufacturers so if they produce it, we can get it and it doesn't matter what kind of vehicle the parts will be used on! Dealer inquiries are welcome. We supply a number of vendors that don't do a high volume or don't want to do the large buy-ins. Vendors can contact [email protected] to set up an account.

Location, location, location!!!

TBYRNE Motorsports LLC is located at 1227 Horseneck Rd in Westport, MA. This is about 35 minutes from Providence, RI and a little over an hour south of Boston. We're just minutes from Horseneck Beach. As you can see, we are not just an "internet business" that might be here today and gone tomorrow. We are an established company that you can rely on for products and vehicle service.

They say it is all about location... It's nice to be close to the water but... we're kind of in the middle of no where. That will be changing soon! A building will be purchased that is more in the center of civilization (less cows, more people!). That will make it easier for our local customers and also for customers that travel from out of state to leave their cars/trucks. More details about the move will be posted soon!

Speaking of installations, we install most products that we sell. The one thing that isn't done here is body work. There are special hotel and rental car rates available for customers that travel here and need to stay in the area while their vehicle is being worked on. Those arrangements are with the Hampton Inn and also with Hertz and Enterprize rental car.

One of the things that is important to customers is pricing. We try to remain very competitive but also have to follow the advertised pricing guidelines that are set by the manufacturers that we do business with. Some vendors don't play by the rules so they end up being "black marked" or cut off from that manufactuer. Some aren't authorized to sell certain products. That can hurt the customer it they need to have a product warrantied. We have a Price Match Plus Policy if you find an advertised price that is lower than what we list a product for -

If you find a current lower advertised price that we can verify we will meet it and also deduct 15% of the difference! This applies to most products that we carry and the price has to be something that anyone can view (e-mail and phone quotes don't apply). Just let us know about this before you place your order and e-mail a direct link to the specific pricing to [email protected]. Discounts are not available if you find a lower price after you place your order and this can't be combined with any other discounts. The vendor must also be an authorized dealer for that manufacturer. An authorized dealer list can usually be seen on the manufacturer's website.

*Excludes E-Bay
**Shipping not included for the PMPP

As for myself, I've modified all of my forms of transportation since I could ride a bicycle when I was a kid. Nothing was ever left stock...nothing! I like my rides to be daily drivers but faster than the next and customized enough to be different but not totally over the top. That keeps them fun without attracting to much attention :)

Thank you for taking the time to read this far. Let us know if there is anything that we can do for you.

Have a good day!
Tom Byrne
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