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Hi Gang,
"93 Cad deVille <100k miles

Several months ago I had a new starter installed, when I got home and put it in park there was a intermittant knock coming from under the engine. I took it back to the garage, they pulled the starter but there were no signs of a problem. I've talked to a half dozen mechanics and a couple agreed that it could be stress fractures on the flywheel causing the knock. The dealership said it was the transmission with a repair charge well over $2000. The knock only occures in park and neutral, it's not a steady knock, sometimes loud and you can feel it.
Another mechanic said he would replace the flywheel for $600, but he couldn't guarantee that the flywheel was the problem.

If someone has had a similar experience and solution please let me know!

Thanks for any response.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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