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It took me a while but I finally found a subwoofer solution that gave me the bass I wanted and didn’t destroy the functionality of the mid-gate, or anything else for that matter. The sub enclosure (Mod Q 410) is built by Woodlawn Cabinetry and specifically designed to work with SQ 10 shallow-mount subwoofers made by Elemental Designs.

A little more on the sub enclosure ….
The cabinet was originally designed to fit an Avalanche but some after discussion and swapping of measurements with Phil at Woodlawn Cabinetry he made a perfect ported sub enclosure tuned to 35hz. Phil is really great to work with and knows his stuff when it comes to bass boxes. The sub enclosure was shipped on the day he committed and showed up in a custom made shipping box – that was a work of art in itself. The enclosure is made of ¾” MDF and is nailed, glued and sealed around all the joints and weights about 30lbs empty. He even puts in two quality terminal blocks, one at each end to give you some options on your install. Phil even sent me a wiring diagram to help clarify my questions on wiring up the four subs (two serial clusters wired in parallel). Follow the Mod Q Sub Enclosure link on his home page to find out more. They come in 2, 3, & 4 subwoofer models.

A little more on the subwoofers….
The shallow-mount subwoofers are designed and built by Elemental Designs of Newton, IA. This is a little custom audio company that uses a design, build and sell direct business model to keep their prices down. Elemental Designs is another great little company that really knows their stuff. I worked with Alex on both the subs and the amps and he provided great service and is extremely knowledgeable on mobile audio. Both the subs and the amps shipped the next day and were received within two days. The SQ 10 subs were recently reviewed in the Sep 4th issue of Performance Audio and Sound magazine. The author of the review summarized their performance as follows “this would be the first true shallow-mount subwoofer I have heard, making the rest of them shallow-mount woofers”.

So how does it sound?...Absolutely kick ass! I use to have two JL Audio 8W3s in individual enclosures and, although they sounded good, don’t even come close to the output of this package. The bass is crisp and accurate, not boomy and can blow the doors off the truck if I want to. I can also control the amount bass to my desired liking with a remote attenuator knob from the mono amp.

Other components in the audio system include:
Boston Acoustics Pro60s for the front stage
Boston Acoustics Neo Type-M Imaging System in the A frames
Boston Acoustics SL-65s for the rear stage
Elemental Designs NINe.1 mono amp
Elemental Designs NINe.4 4 channel amp
Stock Nav/Head Unit

So if you were like me and you’re looking for a real bass solution but just can’t justify spending over $1200 on a JL Audio mid-gate replacement take a look at these products from Woodlawn Cabinetry and Elemental Designs, you won’t be disappointed!


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