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Keyless entry

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I recently bought a '95 DeVille Concours. I put a new battery in the keyless transmitter, but it still doesn't work. said to check my user manual on how to "resynchronize the transmitter after changing the battery"; but my manual contains no such instructions.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

PS: My first Caddy; I love it.

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You are obviously going to have to reprogram the transmitter, let me see if i can find some instructions.......
ok here it is

Note: Before starting this procedure, BOTH transmitters must be present. Failure to use both transmitters will render the RKE system inoperative.(If the customer uses only one transmitter on the vehicle, use this transmitter as transmitter 1 and 2; which is not the normal situation). The entire reprogramming sequence must be completed within 30 seconds of grounding the reprogramming connector [Step 1 and 2 below]. If the procedure is not completed, remove the ground at the connector and restart the procedure from step [1] one.

Reprogramming Transmitter

Ignition ON.
Ground black single wire connector located at trunk pull down unit.
Wait for door locks to lock and unlock [a few seconds]
Press the UNLOCK button on the first transmitter twice. Pause for one second between presses.
Wait for door locks to lock and unlock. [a couple of seconds]
Press the UNLOCK button on the second transmitter twice. Pause for one second between presses.
Wait for door locks to lock and unlock. About two seconds.
Remove ground from black connector.
After procedure, check to see if both transmitters operate the door locks. Repeat programming procedure or replace transmitters as necessary.
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Thank you for taking the time to give me these instructions.
I will try it soon.
No problem, Ray. It is my duty as moderator to provide information to the members (sounds like I'm taking oath or something :D )
When I received your last post, (got a laugh out of it too), I was reading an e-book I got from

Good information, I think; though you probably know that stuff already. But maybe some of *************** members do not.

It's worth a look, anyway.
Thanks, again.
If I have questions about the procedure, I'll write again.
Ok, Ray. Dont feel intimidated to email me or PM me at anytime.

Well, I did follow the instructions; and it worked. I couldn't believe it. I tried the button 2-3 times after. I was amazed. It's neat. I can bring the groceries to the car, open the trunk easy.

Thanks again.

It was about 50 degrees today, so I did a little cleaning under the hood. Nothing special, just to get some salt and dirt off.

I noticed a few spots where exposed metal and metal threads are showing some rust. Any ideas on how to repair it and stop it from happening elsewhere??

(maybe I should have made this a general post, sorry)
Hey, about the rust, i wouldnt think it would be something to worry about. The block is aluminum, so it wont rust. Give me some specific areas and we'll go from there.

I took a closer look, and these are some of the rust items:

Headlight adjusting screw
Screws that hold the grill to the hood
Nuts/bolt end on two cannister 'things', 1 on left, 1 on right
The bar that goes between the cannister 'things'

Those are the major ones.

Have a good week-end.
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I highly doubt that the manifold is rusting, maybe you are seeing something else. The manifold is made of aluminum, to my knowledge.

Other than that, those arent anything to worry about. Maybe that "bar" that you said, sand it down and spray some rustoleum (Make sure you get high temp kind, like for bbq grills). You can always take some steel wool to it, and that will take care of it!!!
Sounds like a plan.

Thanks, Wes

no prob, ray.
how do you ground the black wire in trunk on 97 deville
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