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Key Replacement For 96 Deville

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'misplaced" One Set Of Keys, ( I Still Have One Set), For My Caddy. Local Lock Smith Said $25 To Make A Spare. Any Issues Or Problems I Should Know About Before I Go Ahead And Do It?
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I had to get keys for my 94 deville. If you have the ignition key with the security pellet I would order it from a dealership. I did and have no problems. My mom had a key made by a lock smith and it locks out her ignition for 24 hrs if she uses it, she cant even start it with the original key. It only cost me $30 to get the key from the dealership but it did take 2 weeks to be shipped.
Jesh is spot-on; make sure your locksmith can duplicate a "Passkey" encoded key. You need a special reader to decode which resistor or code is in it depending on whether yours is a Passkey I, II or III. I would suspect yours to be Passkey II but I don't know what years they changed versions. I went to the dealer for mine - it was $34 but done in 15 minutes.
Measure the resistance in the pellet with a DVM and contact marc. I bought a key from him on his Ebay store for $5 and had it cut at Ace Hardware for $1.
Dealer parts dept have always cut keys for me for free.

Many service writers will program remote fobs for free.

Good luck.
Best advice on new keys and locksmiths is to make sure locksmith is not an escaped convict.

They specialize in all the electronic key doodads out these days.
Local Cad dealer says $40 if he has in stock, local locksmith says $25.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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