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keep blowing left tail light fuse 93 sts

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hi guys i keep blowing my left tail light fuse on my 93 sts. i keep losing the dash and instrument lights at the same time. the new fuse is fine till i take the car out of park,into reverse then boom there goes another fuse.and no more dash lights or left tail lamp. i have already replaced all left bulbs and sockets, as well as both sides reverse bulbs and sockets .what to do? thanks in advance for all!
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Look for a short in the reverse lighting circuit, since activation of that circuit seems to be blowing your fuse. The advice to start with a schematic is an excellent way to start. Look for a ground on the fused side of the circuit whenever your back up lights are energized (shifting into park --which energizes them briefly and of course, reverse.) You'll need a multimeter or lighted circuit tester to accomplish this.
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