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Keep blowing fuse?

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Have a problem with no 1st or overdrive. Put a fuse in, start the car, and the fuse blows. First I thought maybe it was the solenoids, but now I am wondering if it might be the power steering switch since it is on the same fuse. The only code that comes up is the power steering switch. Any help is appreciated! I guess I would need to unplug the power steering switch and see if the fuse still blows...and if I still have 1st and OD. Problem is, I do not know where the power steering plugs in at? I know a little about cars, but not about cadillacs.
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I would have thought that someone would have known something about my particular problem. Thanks for all the replies and help!
Sorry I don't know enough to help you, but I can reccomend you pick up a factory service manual. Especially if you don't get further replies. Either off eBay if you can find one, or google helm inc and order off their website.
What is the actual code number? The vehicle engine is the 4.9, correct?

My question the powersteering code coming up because of the fuse it is on is blown. Something else blowing the fuse. I do not know where the switch is at. I would look at the pump and follow any wires there.
The power steering switch (1992 Cadiillac) is located beneath the vehicle on the fluid portion of the rack and pinion steering assembly. It is a small bulb type screw in sensor. Very difficult (for me) to see and reach but it is possible, as I have done it.

The connector on my 1992 Eldorado was completely broken off, did set a code but never blew a fuse.

There IS a 10 AMP fuse for the transmission located in the fuse relay box. If you keep blowing this fuse, I would suspect a short in the cable near the transmission. This also should set a code. On my 1991 it was loss of power to ECM, which told me nothing at the time until I did a complete diagnostic and found the blown fuse. This same 10 AMP fuse (1991 Cadillac) also caused the transmission not to shift out of 1st gear when selector was in drive. Both the 1991 and 1992 use the same transmission but are wired and fused completely different.
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