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cts 04 3.2
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Hi everyone!
Advance sorry for my english
So i have CTS 04 3.2 , export version. Car is an option "heater engine block" , code K03.
Recently, antifreeze start flowed from the body of the heater. It is not much . Yet)) about 100ml \ 1000mile ...
But the problem is it and it is necessary to solve it.
I find parts numbers (24417186 , 24421798) but this numbers is out of production....
Vintage Parts offer these parts, but the price for detail that I never used , and never not going ...
My questions is : Maybe someone has already deleted this system out of the car ?
Are on sale "bolt-on" cap(plug) to this place on eng block?
Will i have any electrical problems after remove heater?

Great thanks!
Greetings from a few russians Cadillac fans! Respect!
PS. politics is shit)


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