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K&n for 2004 deville

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just got one for my 2004 deville for 25 bucks @ amazon. i thought this was a good deal. ive always had them in all my vehicles, but always seemed to pay over 30.
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Use the search button and do a search for K & N before you put it on.
Ranger, Maybe you can help me. I tried to do a search , but it found nothing... I am interested in finding out about the K&N filter.
Ranger. I think this topic along with which oil topics should be stickies. There was one other one too but I don't recall what it was right now.

K&N = poor filtering qualities, loss of HP, increased oil contamination.
k&n= loss of LOW end hp, gain in high end which we already have plenty of
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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