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K&N Cold air Intake

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Hey everyone, can anybody help me out in finding a K&N intake for my 2005 CTS 3.6? Where can I get the best price?
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How much is the Volant? and what is the diferrence as far as the performance?
I have a new K&N CAI for the 3.2L for sale. It should be compatible. The forum members surely will let you know if it is not.
I also have a USED Volant CAI for the 3.2L for sale. I'll sell it for a low price for sure.
dibs on the k& much u selling it for?
How much is the Volant? and what is the diferrence as far as the performance?
New Volant- $276.24
New K&N- $224.32

The slight difference in price is well worth it for the Volant Quality.

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I seen a volant for as low as 245.00 thats seems to be the lowest price so far but I figured I would just see if you guys any connections for an even better price...thanks to every one for the feedback
If you need it for the 3.6, make sure you get that model. The actual airbox on the volant, and the filters, are identical for the two models, but the intake tube is different for the 3.2 vs. the 3.6.

The Volant is quieter than the K&N at WOT, since it has an airbox, and in my opinion looks like a much more finished product under the hood. I forgot what the performance difference on the 3.6 was, but you can review the 'cold air intake challege' thread from a few years back, if thats what your interested in.
Ill take one for the right price??? how much??? pm me
for the 3.6L
k&N will give u 8 rear wheel hp and the volant 13

if u dont want 2 buy the more expensive volant, do the TonyA mod.
the TonyA mod is a 'do it yourself' mod that customizes your intake, adding 5 rear wheel hp, & saving u a few hundred dollars.
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