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2008 SRX V6 AWD
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After facing the second major $$ item in two weeks for my SRX, which went out of CPO warranty last November, I traded it for a CPO 2012 with 9335 miles. While it did not have all the items I wanted at least I am not pouring more money into my SRX. I prefer the SUV height, but the new SRXs are not made in the US, so the AWD version of the CTS seems to fit my needs.

I was tempted by some low mileage '14 models they had, but that would have meant about 50% more out of my pocket. I put 20K on the car per year, so I will be out of the CPO warranty in less than 3 years.

As I was not planning on buying a car yesterday, I didn't do my usual planning/research. Yet I like my dealer (Lindsay Cadillac) and my service advisor (Donna) who provides me terrific service.

Any words of wisdom on the small V6 from the CTS club members?
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