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Hey guys..just picked up a 2003 it for a has a few minor issues .... Horn doesn't work ,no reverse lights (even with using the key fob) and the drivers seat doesn't work at all....I have done some looking around and found the following... As far as the reverse and license plate lamps...I found a broken ground wire under the trunk liner...repaired but yet still don't get power at the yellow wire....I'm looking for the fuse that powers this line... As far as the seat... I'm getting power to the plug under the seat but no movement at all front ,back up ,down or recline....I'm thinking the motor unless there's a know issue that I should look at first....and as far as the horn..I didn't get under the car yet...still kinda cold here in Pennsylvania....I know they had replaced the fender and bumper cover so for all I know they might be missing... I did find the relay in the fuse there a regular fuse also? Thanks in advance guys.... I have owned caddys my entire life up to a few years ago...figured I'd try them again....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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