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just in from GM

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This just in from GM going from May 25 to July 2, 2007

Enjoy a fabulous trip to the Cadillac V Performance Academy in Atlanta, Georgia from July 15 - 17, 2007. The new V Performance Academy is an exclusive performance driving school that promises V-Series owners an experience of a lifetime - and you have a chance to attend! Every Cadillac delivery earns an entry into a drawing for the travel reward. In addition, every V-Series delivery earns double entries. One winner per Region will be chosen each week beginning June 5th, with the final 10 winners chosen on July 3rd.

You need to start buying v-series cars from me.

Call me today..

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I bought an XLR-V on May 26th.... so does that mean I'm entered to win? :)
It depends if the sales people are certified at that dealership we have 4 here that are including me..
We always seem to have winners here..
thats sad saab have been offering this for years for cars that are worth half of the v series cars, all for free
thats good if it is true I have not seen it in print not saying no.. But I have a friend at a SAAB dealer and he says you have to pay for the program at a reduced rate.
oh not sure about that. when we went saab shopping saab said whenever you purchase a saab Aero model your given admittance into the program for a few days
that may be I am not familier with that program..
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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