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just got brakes, mastercylinder, pads etc. replaced and now brakes squeak sometimes?

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I just got my car out of the shop from being in there all winter...

I just had the brakes fixed, they said they did the master cylinder, pads, hardware kit, master cylinder, etc...

And now my brakes squeek really loud sometimes when I push to stop....

I called the shop and he said he would have to drive to know what it is and that I could bring it in today....

Now this is getting pretty old... having to bring my car back in after getting it fixed at this place... What do you think they messed up on?

And they also reimbursed me with some old wired hubcaps because this is where my original disc hubcaps got stolen... And one of them is dented up and I think they are making my car sound like a flying saucer while in motion... Canm tis happen?
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A squeak is a vibration. Sometimes it's the compound used in the pads and a different brand of pad won't squeak.
A squeak is a vibration. Sometimes it's the compound used in the pads and a different brand of pad won't squeak.

And yes hubcaps can cause noises - easy way to find out is to remove them and go for a test drive.
The most common reason for squeaky brakes after the "new" ones are installed is that they cut corners and didn't turn the rotors properly. Probably left them on the car and just sanded them with a electric disc sander, not on a proper rotor machine, so your pads are not wearing-in properly.
Again, all these are red flags pointing to a BAD SHOP. :mad:
I knew it!

This sucks man, well should I bring it back now because I really need it to work tomorrow... Will it do damage to the rotors if I keep using it until monday? Shit! shit! shit! shit! shit!
The remedy is for them to do it right or give you a full refund, parts and all, but they will probably fight you on it. Your rotors won't be damaged driving it, but the more you drive it, the more ammunition they will have to not give you a full "refund". If it's the kind of place where they regularly cut corners like this, you would probably have to throw a full blown tantrum right in the main service desk in front of an s-load of waiting customers to get justice. I've had to take this route a couple of times, but it does work!!!! Then take it to a REAL brake specialist, who should also check your wheel bearings and repack them with fresh grease and have your speed sensors checked while the rotor is off. That is what a real brake job would entail. A master mechanic would never ever "cheat" on the brakes to a paying customer. Your life depends on reliable brakes. When the rotor is not fully removed and machined properly, the little metal shavings from grinding it ON-VEHICLE can lodge inside your wheel bearings. I've seen goof ball wrench hockeys just take their grease gun and shoot some grease in there to refill the Wbearings but the metal shavings are still there and will come back to seek vengence someday.
Sorry, for the long rant, but bad brake jobs are one of my pet peeves. It ticks me off bad.
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Okay guys, I brought it back in today and gave em hell!!

I told them for this amount of money that this shouldnt be happening, he said, "yeah it shouldnt."

Then I asked, him, "did you machine the rotors or did you just sand them" and he said" no, new rotors were put in" and I said, "well wtf tthis should NOT be happening i all this stuff is new, I told them that they were screeching and even were virating hard when I was coming to an offramp stop."

They said they will "take a look at it"

Man, if they finally do it right, im done with that place.

Then I saw the guy at the gas station just a little while ago and hes driving a big brand new 2500 GMC truck... ****in asshat.

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If you have new brakes, the squeaking is just the pads vibrating against the caliper body. Caused by lazy mechanics (there are two techniques to prevent this: one is swedging the pads, and the other is applying anti-squeal to the back of the pad where it contacts the caliper).
When I had my front brakes done with new new rotors they squealed too and it was just because of the kind of pads they used. They were actually pretty expensive ones too. They switched them with ceramic brake pads and I haven't had a problem since and they don't make any dust either.
I just had the front brakes done, pads, caliper service, hoses but they used the old discs because they were ok. Not had any problems. Some dipstick nearly pulled out of a gap in solid traffic (crossing my road) the other day. I saw the car, identified the hazard and smoked all four tires to a stop about 4 feet from the car which fortunately didn't keep crossing in front of me. I was going downhill too! If it had carried on my quick reaction would have saved a T-bone.

Fortunately I had smoked the other traffic away from a stoplight and nobody was close enough to risk rear-ending me given my unexpected sudden stop :cool:

I call that brake job validation :bouncy:

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