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Just got back..

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well i just got back from my trip to Ohio... for starters the brake problem thankful did not show up except at one time but it was minor so i was clear with that.. the truck was great towing.. i only could tell i was pulling something on steep hills.. other than that the truck still flew when i stepped on it... the only problem i had was that since my truck was lowered and then in addition the hitch/ball i had also slopped down so in the end the trailer was about 1-2 inches off the ground.. its scrapped every time i pulled in and out of a place.. but overall everything went well.. the only thing i have to do now is bring the truck in to have my initial brake issue checked and now while towing i noticed if i step on the brake hard the truck pulls badly to the left.. a couple of times i had to hit the brakes and thankfully no one was in the lane next to me cuz i ended up in the middle of the lane next to me.. not sure why the truck does that but oh well.. thankfully everything went smoothely... just wanted to say thanks to everyone that helped out with all the info in the previous threads and to let everyone know im still alive..
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Good you had no trouble. :)
who knows, you could hook a vacula up and bleed the line. I would reference the procedure though. I am not sure exacle how to bleed with a brake booster and ABS. I was pulling a boat the other weekend and the 03 really handled the load well. I was a little conserned with the amount of gas it sucked down though. You will have that I guess.
I'm glad that everything went well. You might try taking the ball off the hitch and then turning the hitch over next time. That would raise the the height of the ball and the trailer would set more level.

I'm going to suggest that you take your truck to somebody that really knows the brake system. Sounds like something isn't working like it should be. Your truck shouldn't pull you into the next lane. That's flirting with a major accident. The brake system is too complicated to troubleshoot over the internet.
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