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Just found out only 3 cylinders work in my 1970...

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... no wonder I wasn't impressed with its power.

It's a 472ci, all cylinders have about 9.5:1 compression.
Took out a timing light and it flashed on only 3 wires.
I took distributor apart, cleaned corroded breaker points, adjusted a screw, but it still fires on only 3 of them.
What could it be? A capacitor, wires, what else?
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HEI offers better spark due to the fact that the discharge from the coil is integrated as part of the distributor, eliminating the distance of coil placement in point distributors. It also has endurance due to the use of a magnetic reluctance to create dwell rather than a point set. There are a few drawbacks, but they are outweighed by by the overall reliability of the unit. Will not give you increase in HP or performance, but better spark distribution will allow better performance within normal engine operation range.
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