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White Diamond 2001 STS
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The 2003 Seville (assuming SLS) shocks are valved much softer than the shocks from your 1998 STS. That's the difference between the FE1 and the FE3 suspension. Your STS's springs are stiffer, and the shocks need to be also, or they won't be able to effectively control the spring's motion. End result is a bouncy ride.

The 2003 STS uses Magnaride, which is not the same as your 1998 STS.

So either way, shocks for a 2003 SLS or a 2003 STS will not work correctly on your 1998 STS.

Edit: I guess to answer your question, if you requested shocks for a '98 STS and they gave you ones from an '03 Seville, without first telling you, yes, those are the wrong ones.
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