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Just bought an alarm system for my 02 Escalade

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So what do you think. I got the Viper 791XV 2 way remotes with remote start. I bought a bunch of add-ons too since the Escalade's are so popular among thieve's, I got a Glass break sensor, Digital Tilt Sensor, interior motion sensor, a 2nd siren run on battery back-up, and last but not least the pain inducing piezo siren for the interior. How does that all sound? Now I just need to find someone to install it all! LOL
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viper is a pretty good brand of alarm....i got the 5900, 1 mile range....have u seen the new 7900, it has a LCD screen n rechargeable battery....but it isnt a mile
Yeah I saw that, looked pretty bada$$, but didn't want to spend a whole bunch of extra money just for a cool looking remote LOL. The mile thing doesn't bother me either, I figure if I'm a mile away there isn't much I can do about someone breaking in, 1/4 mile I can still meet the scumbag(s), and since I just got my carry license here is CO they will be looking down the barrel of a Glock 22! ;-)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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