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Just Bought a Cadillac

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Need to thro some Ds on it now haha.

Anyway heres what I got tell me how Idid

2005 cts with 3.6 chip blue
lux package.

I dont know much else yet since Im getting it shipped to me but it seems loaded up to me.

44k on it

I paid 17900 for it.

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i have a 2004 white diamond with 15 thousand miles on it....every option xm raido sun roof offer me 20 thousand wow they are crazy..........i want to get a 2008 cts.
I dont think it has lux package now that I look farther into it. I dont see wood grain on the shift knob so i think it doenst have that. How can you find out if it has the limited slip differential? Thats really the only option i knew I wanted.
great buy....I paid 17.5 two years ago this augest for an 03 and it was a steal. IMO.... have fun with that one buddy :thumbsup:

check out my car domain for ideas I gots alot done to this one...including a little spray :)
Congrats on the car
Did you get a car fax? Man that is way below my 04 from my dads dealership that hooked me up! Ive got the lux trim and its black but it shouldnt make that big a diff. GREAT JOB!!!
Congrats! :highfive:
Click the ebay link
Click the ebay link
:alchi: Don't confuse FL01SS with the facts, Ryan. :lol:
Welcome from a fellow Blue Chipper, 04 with the lux pkg(mine has wood trim and 2 tone seating). :thumbsup:
I paid 35K for mine lol
i just got offered 16 for my 04 mint 3.6 with only 25,xxx
Dont think it has the Lux package, and dont think it has the Limited Slip Differential. You should be able to take the VIN to a GM dealer and they can run the actual build sheet on it for you and that will tell you exactly what is in it.
Wow, that car is located about 20 minutes from my house. Maybe you want me to go pick it up for you? And maybe give her a test drive to break it in? Hmm... Whuddya Say?

(not that it isnt broken in already with 45k on it)
i just got offered 16 for my 04 mint 3.6 with only 25,xxx

LOL Well tell people that I just offered you $5,000 :alchi:
Click the ebay link
I can't from work!

:alchi: Don't confuse FL01SS with the facts, Ryan. :lol:
You stay out of this!!!:thepan: :thepan: :thepan:
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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