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Just bought a cadillac......throw some D's on that

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Whats up everyone. Just bought my second cadillac. Havent had one in a while but got the nicest 2003 STS I have ever seen. Has every available option period. Got it off ebay last week and I am picking it up in OK friday. Im bringing a new K&N with me for the drive home lol. Tell me what you guys think. Ive never had one of the newer northstars 00+. What type of 0-60 could I get with the low miles and air filter?


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Re: Just bought a mf cadillac......throw some D's on that

Here are a couple more pics. I have never even seen this color in person. I cant wait.


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Also what are the best tires to get. I was looking at the Yoko yk502. Seems to have good traction and is quiet.
Nice car. Congratulations. Now return the K & N. It will probably do more harm than good. Do a search and you'll see what I mean.
Very nice STS with those lovely quad tips! I almost picked up an 03' STS in that color.. Strangely enough fully loaded like yours.. Now im looking at a 02' black on black all blacked out.. Strange though.. Doesnt look like it has the backup sensors.. Also I noticed it has the old style Northstar emblem on the back.. Thought they changed it to look like my avatar in 01' on?

My 2001 SLS does not have the new N* emblem.
Sweet car !
What I like the most navi system .There is something interesting , you have a navi but no parking assist but don't worry . It's much easier to install park sensors than installing navi
Hmmm...the auction clearly states that the car has "reverse sensors". Maybe that is just a bad angle in the picture. Nice car! Certified to 100K by Cadillac for less than $17K...great score!
It has them, you can faintly see them here...

By the way, its now 4 years old. Make sure the first thing you do is change the coolant.
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Nice. Return the K&N. Run the original RS-A's until they're toast and then look at the ResponsEdge series. Look in the archives for air filter mods and options for the real skinny.......same for tires. What tire rating is on the sticker on the driver's door? All options (RPO's) are on a sticker on the spare tire cover underside. Blow up a digital pic and look up RPO in the search function at the top right of the pages.....Learn how to drive the car on the existing tires....,you're gonna like the MagneRide, but it will take some getting used to. Find out if you have 1st gear with TractionControl disabled......some '02's and later do, some don't. Go figure. Most of all USE THESE'a all in here.:rolleyes:.........The K&N....slight loss of torque at low RPM WOT, slight gain at redline WOT. Nothing else. It's a small 280 C.I. engine and can only pump just so much air.
Thanks for the clarification .You can see my sensors easier (black color) ,I think color makes difference .
I second the response edge tires, threw them on my Eldo and WOW is all I can say, now we'll just have to see how the tread stands up but anything is better than RS-A's :)
I just noticed, that thing needs window tint too.

Dont get the ultra black stuff either it looks ridiculous. A nice lightly bronzed tint would look gorgeous on that car.
I do not see the ultra sonic park sensors on that car.. Isn't that the red that's on those collectible Eldo's.
Looks like Crimson Pearl to me. The Aztec Red is not metallic looking like the Crimson Pearl.
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