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1999 Cadillac Seville STS (November 2012, 183k)
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Haven't posted in quite a while, gave up on even carrying about fixing my Caddy the last few months, just rode it out basically. About a month ago I decided it was time for a new car, parked the Caddy and bought a 03 Audi A4 Avant 1.8T AWD. Needs some maintenance catching up but I love the thing, handles better than the Caddy ever did.

Still have the Caddy in my possession, just waiting for the CA BAR to send me the go ahead letter to take it to a junk yard and get a $1k check. I wanted to sell it and hopefully get at least a couple hundred more but I don't think it will pass smog, barely passed in August, so I don't want to sell it then have the buyer try to come back at me for the repair work since its illegal to sell it w/o passing smog in Cali even if the buyer knows.

I actually cleaned it completely out, still need to remove my stereo system, about 3 weeks ago and its been parked since. Started her up the other night for a trip down the street and she fired right up. Started driving a few feet and you could smell the gas with the windows down. Left it idling while I went in and it was fine temp wise. Was worried since before parking her I had went on a 50+ mile trip in 3rd gear incase I was going to chance sell it and as I was going up the hill near my house I got the clicking from the front I've had since maybe October-November (guessing fan issue) and as I flattened out the temp guage started going up past the notch thats after 12oclock which it didn't even do when driving 15 miles with a bad water pump. Just needs to make the 40+ mile trip to the junkyard and I'll be good!

All in all, thank you all for the help over the years figuring out issues so I knew what to tell my mechanic. 186k and still the car runs like a champ despite its issues. I wish I didn't have to part with her but I need the money for the Audi. Hell, if there is anybody in the Bay Area that would want it for a parts car or fix it up let me know. I'm sure vac line replacement will allow it to pass smog. I've easily put at least 3k into it since May 2009.

Although I have a Kenwood headunit in there, along with Rockford components in the front doors, I still have the factory rear door Bose and I have factory headunit, just no factory front doors/subwoofer

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1999 Cadillac Seville STS (November 2012, 183k)
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Here's my CL ad:

Lot of things of have been replaced and have most receipts but since I purchased the car in May 2009 I have replaced:

Water Pump
Coolant Reservoir
Struts (Replaced with OEM passive)
Front driver wheel bearing
Front lower control arms (both sides)
Outer Tie Rod Ends
CV Joints (both sides)
Power steering pump
Fuel Pump
Catalytic Converter & both O2 sensors in Summer 2011

Oil and filter maintenance was never neglected, battery was replaced last year, Tires have 15k miles on them (have receipt). Car has been driven from SSF to Menlo Park 5-6 days a week since 2009. 85% freeway, the rest city/suburban driving, getting avg 18.4 mpg with 87 always from Chevron or Shell.

Car will come with Kenwood KDC-X592 headunit along with Rockford Fosgate components in the front doors (rear doors stock Bose). Wired for sound system (sub/amp) in the trunk.

To the issues besides cosmetics:
Needs Tuneup (plugs/wires)
Issue with fan making clicking noise, esp driving up a hill
TCC has been stuck off since I bought the car so when going to pass smog you need to drive in 3rd gear for at least 50 miles.
Motor mounts need to be replaced
Possible vac leak
Oil & coolant leak (minor leaks just need to top off every once in a while)
Rear passenger door does not open from inside, should be easy fix I never bothered with since I bought the car
Lifter ticking since I bought the car
Rear air level pump need to be replaced
Windshield wipers/pump work but hose line is broken in half

Car passed smog this past August but since it's past 90 days it will need to be done again, recommend the tuneup and fixing vac leak (maybe filling up with 91 gas) beforehand since it was close to failing the smog test 25mph (HC) PPM test [was 28 out of max 31].

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