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Just a heads up if you've been having troubles with led's

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All but 3 led bulbs I got from autolumination either blinked or burnt I tried and they seem to be holding up perfectly...already out lasted the previous ones....only bulb they don't sell is the ridgid loop festoon for the under dash lights...other wise, order from'll be happy.
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Hate to bother you on this one, but can you list the exact bulbs you got. It looks like several would work for the same application.... but I have no experience in this realm whatsoever.

Thanks in advance.
:yeah: Give up the info Justin... lol
One of my Autolumination license plate bulbs crapped out just the other day, the rest seem to be going strong.

Thanks for the heads up- I'll definitely order from Superbright.
for the 194's I used

Single LED Wedge Base Bulbs

and for the festoons
44 x 10 mm Festoon base with 9 LEDs

you can also find this info on the faq.

and tony, my plate bulbs lasted about a week...I'm surprised your lasted this long....I actually ordered a replacement bulb for autolumination for underdash bulb and it showed up dead :( I think most of the problems with their bulbs are heat dissipation...I noticed the ones from super have holes along the backside...the ones from auto are completely sealed.
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Just ordered two new license plate bulbs. Thanks for the link!
Might be stuck in KC due to the heavy rain in OK & TX,
We can team up on the install for both if you want. Have you ordered yet?
They're in STL. We could have them by Tuesday!
for the 194's I used

Single LED Wedge Base Bulbs

and for the festoons
44 x 10 mm Festoon base with 9 LEDs

which mini's 194 did you get
WLED 1-LED bulb or
WLED-WHP Pure White High Power
why not any of the multiple LED wedges???
Does this look about right?
I couldn't find the under the dash bulb

Quantity Product Price Base Shipping Options Subtotal
4 4410 LED Festoon bulb $ 2.49 $ 0.00 White 2.25
$ 18.96
2 WLED-WHP Pure White High Power $ 4.95 $ 0.00 $ 9.90
2 3157-25 LED bulb $ 7.95 $ 0.00 White 4.00
$ 23.90
2 WLED 6-LED bulb $ 2.79 $ 0.00 White 0.95
$ 7.48
2 WLED 5-LED Wide Angle LED bulb $ 2.99 $ 0.00 White 0.95
$ 7.88

Subtotal: $ 68.12
Shipping: $ 5.00
Grand Total: $ 73.12

Come on man get back to us.
Also show some pics
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It looks the same as everyone else' for the under dash bulbs, only place I found those was at autolumination.....otherwise your list looks good....refer to the faq if you need more guidance
Well, I just installed the wide angle 194 wedge bulbs for my license plate, and I have to say .....................they suck.

Nowhere near as bright as the autolumination bulbs, and if I wiggled them at all in the socket they lost current and went out. I gingerly reinstalled the housing, but I'm willing to bet when I check them tomorrow night after driving around at least one will have worked loose and be out.

If so, I'm switching back to regular bulbs, because this crap is gettin' old. Not worth the time to replace the autolumination bulbs every 3 months, and I'm not getting a ticket for riding around with an intermittent bulb from superbright. Meh.......
sorry, forgot to mention I only bought the festoons from license plate lights went out and I just put regular bulbs back in 194's from autolumination in the dome lights are still going strong...but all the fetoons from them but 1 crapped out on me....guess I should have mentioned that earlier :alchi: sorry tony....but hey their festoons work great :thumbsup: :hide:
Haha... no worries. 'Tis the price we pay for tinkering with perfectly good light bulbs.
If your having troubles with LED's burning out Autolumination offers a fix.

The led protectors will prevent most led failures in vehicles that crhronically eat leds.:

If your not ready to give up on the LED's and want them to last this is probably the way to go. For the Festoons it may not be worth the trouble but I sure like the quailty of the Autolumination stuff.

I am currently trying to get a on white blink amber light to work for the front DRL/Turn signal. I have the clear lenses and I want it the bulb to be clear when the lights are off and white when the driving lights are on and amber when the turn signal is on.

I also think I may know how to eliminate the load resisitor for the turn signals.

My $0.02.
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I didn't need to hear that. I ordered the whole set (minus the rigid) from superbright. I haven't got them yet, but the car is all torn down waiting for them to show up!
Tony, exactly which 194's did you get?
In my long experience with LEDs in the CTS, two things cause these LEDs to fail/blink out:

1 Condensation.
2. Pressure on any part of the bulb.
Tony, exactly which 194's did you get?
The first ones pictured in the link Nikon posted. Wide angle 194 wedge.
Thanks, I didn't order any single LED lights.
Did you call superbright?
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