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Judge Suing Laundry Cleaners for 65 Million?

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I read this a couple of months ago. This is a perfect example of how people "on that side" of the law abuse the system to make people suffer. This is a serious misuse of power that, as a result, has destroyed these buisness owners' lives and driven them into financial dire straits. Don't wonder to yourselves why people take the law into their own do you expect people to have faith in a system that allows this atrocity (and others like it) continue on and on? :mad:

I hope karma comes calling on that arsehol judge in a mojor way. I would hope that the judge assigned to oversee this farse will not only throw the case out, but also call for that judge's resignation, petition to have him disbarred, and order him to pay those buisness owners' legal fees, lost wages, and compensate them for their mental anguish. :want:

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^ You hit it right on the money. Do you know what the break down is on why he's asking for so much. I heard he's even talking about car rentals and stuff
Talk about a frivolous law suit. This guy deserves everything Rolex suggested and then some. Maybe a year in jail. Then they wonder why people hate lawyers.
Unbelievable that there are people like this roaming the streets.
What in hell could he be trying prove?
I wonder who the rocket scientist was who thought this guy would be a good choice to administer justice?!! :thepan:
He should be dragged out into the street and shit. This is the kind of crap that's flat-out killing this country, worthless pond scum like him.

We cry that the Japanese are eating market share.. why? Because the Japanese don't have to deal with the UAW, so they don't have to provide enormous benefits... so their costs are lower, so they can put more technology and content in the cars for the same money. And those benefits that are crushing Detroit. And why are they crushing Detroit? Because the majority of those costs are for health insurance... health care costs are skyrocketing. And why is that? In large part due to malpractice and liability insurance premiums shooting through the roof.

And why is THAT? Subhuman slime like this bastard.. and a Judge no less, it's sickening.

This guy might as well buy 50 Toyotas.
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I saw the decision on the news the other day. The judge who sued lost the case and was ordered to pay $1000 back the the dry cleaners for court costs.
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