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John Madden Retires

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NY Times said:
John Madden retired on Wednesday from calling football games, leaving a weekly discipline that he revolutionized with a coach’s eye, cartoonish sound effects and a taste for Thanksgiving turducken.
Too bad. Despite his penchant for stating the obvious and often ludicrous comments, Madden was an institution. Football won't sound the same. :(

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Well 'ya see there, if he didn't choose to retire he would still be commentating.
Here's a guy, that when he retires, he doesn't announce any more!

[/madden voice]
I am kind of glad. I really do not like him and every Madden football game I have played is annoying as hell. He says the stupidest things.
When he was the Raider's coach the players called him "Pinky" because he got so red in the face when he got mad and it made him even madder and redder.
Nobody ever accused John Madden of losing control of his team or not having the respect of his players. He's a man's man.
Without John Madden its just not BIG TIME FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm sure they can get Frank Caliendo to do commentary as Madden...

Here's a guy, that when he retires, he doesn't announce any more!

[/madden voice]
That made my day. Thanks.
What are they going to call the football video games now? No more Madden NFL 09... I just talked to my brother and he is in mourning :lol:
The gridiron will not be the same without the coach. I know why he did it. Since he doesn't like to fly, the travel was hell, so I understand. Still, he will be missed. Hopefully he will call local games and maybe we can still see him on TV.
Hers a guy that can now turn on the game and watch better.

BOOM!! Tough actin Tinactin, now available with a Bloomin Onion
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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