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JL Audio Cleansweep

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A search gave a little info, but I need confirmation if possible as I will be ordering this weekend.

I have an 04 CTSV with the Bose(Blows) setup.
If anyone has installed a Clean sweep, how did you do it, pre or post Bose amp?
I do not plan on using the factory volume controls, and was told I would also lose the fader/eq if I went pre-amp. But if I wanted to keep them, I would have to go post amp and with two Audio Control LC6s(for 4 channel use) as there is no full range outputs from the Bose amp.

Also, I've noticed my door locks (things that go up and down) are rattling even with the stock speakers, anyone have a fix for this(besides turning up the volume)?

Any info is appreciated!
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I would assume by doing the clean sweep that people arent using the bose amp at all but rather have it going to a amp back to the interior speakers. I would think that if you wired to go back to the bose amp it would defeat the point of using cleansweep at all.
What did you end up doing with the cleansweep. I'm looking to gut my system for aftermarket audio... I am considering the cleansweep, do you like it?
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