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**JL Audio Amp (Mounting) Update**

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To those who are following my other thread I just thought I would update. Pulled my small JL amp and Kicker sub out of the rear deck tonight. The 300/4 and 500/1 are going to be a tight fit up there but they will work. I had to remove the brace that is to the right of the factory subwoofer. Forgot how much I hate drilling out rivets. There will be some small *modifications* to the deck but nothing to cut. For those that are wanting to do a pretty substantial upgrade in power and not lose any trunk space, this might be the upgrade for you. I'll post some pics tommorow and update. Still waiting for the 80 ft of sound deadener to get here.

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One thing i'm noticing, and this will apply to all of you going "free air" sub in the rear can "vibrate"/shake on certain bass notes. I Dynamat'd it, but it needs more....more substantial deadening. I'm also going to deaden the sub mount as well, and maybe use bolts instead of plastic fasteners to secure the plastic sub mount to the deck :) it's all about dampening

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Why not follow Caddy's lead, and just stick rubber bushings everywhere :canttalk: j/k

Good luck,

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