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JET-HOT develops, produces and applies a variety of coatings. Properties of the various coatings include insulation, corrosion resistance, abrasion and impact resistance as well as lubricity. All are applied at one of their regional factories through a meticulous, multi-step process including: thermal degreasing, abrasive-blast stripping with virgin aluminum oxide, double-coating (inside and out on headers), high temperature curing, custom packaging for return shipping, and quality-assurance controls during every phase of the procedure.

Coatings fall into the following groups:

JET-HOT 1300 - This exclusive formula works beautifully on new or used parts at temperatures up to 1,300F. Sterling is our most popular finish, this high-luster coating, containing silver powder, shares the brilliance of chrome with the subtlety of nickel. It provides the most brilliant appearance in high-temp, high-tech coatings while delivering major performance advantages. Sterling is also an extremely easy coating to keep clean. The same basic formula is available in matte black, blue and cast-iron gray.

1300 Sterling $249.99
1300 Colors $269.99

JET-HOT 2000 - Formulated for very high temperatures, this rugged coating protects substrates up to 2,450F, heat levels sometimes encountered in Rodding and Off-Road applications. Available in black, blue or grey.

2000 Black/Grey/Blue $274.99

They recently added a new coating -
JET-HOT EXTREME STERLING™ - Similar to Sterling but will hold its shine up to 1,400°F and will protect parts up to 1,700°F. This coating insulates slightly better than sterling and is semi-textured. (Made from their MC-15 formula.)

Info and more pictures of the different colors can be seen at - TBYRNE Motorsports - Jet Hot Coating

We have all of the coatings on sale through July 31st. You can add Sterling and Extreme Sterling to regular priced long tube headers for $100.00. Add an additional $25. to that for colored coating and Jet Hot 2000 will be $150.00
Just note this when you place your order.

Have a great day!
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