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2018 CST V series
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I posted a week or two ago In the introduce yourself section, about the fact that I had bought a 2018 CTS-V and was quite excited about taking delivery soon! which I was. Well now I got it home I'm even more excited because its way better than I imagined!!! way better! Its Amazing, its so fast! (how fast is it?) it Breaks the traction control loose at 50 mile per Hr. ! I love it. It breaks it loose at 60 miles per hour. I love it more. Roads are cold here in ON in Dec. So I'm heading to the promised land in a week for warmer pavement and a chance to give er hell, respectfully.

I did a little customization to the hood while I was getting some 3M clear protect vinyl installed on the front half of the car or perhaps I should say front 1/3 of car. Those kits are great and they can sell you as many panels and body parts as your little heart or budgit will stand.

I didn't think the corvette guys would mind if Jakie came over to play at our house seeing that we already share our motors. What do you think? sorry for the glare from the lights in my garage. I did it in a subtle dark grey metallic to keep it classy CF

I tried posting last night for two hrs and realized that a couple of thousand pixels between friends is a big deal so I been trying to learn resizing. Here I go again.......Best Wishes "kilroy was here"


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