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J D Power rates 2012 SRX 3rd in it's class for dependability

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How can they say an Enclave is mid-size, but a Tahoe is full-size? The Enclave has more interior room than a Tahoe. They list the Terrain as compact but the SRX as mid-size. This makes no sense either as they are basically the same size.
Tahoe does have more room than Enclave, especially the extended version, most of them have 8 seats while Enclave is 7 seat but really a 6 seat, last row can only sit two comfortably not three.
If you look it up, Enclave/Traverse/Acadia has more interior volume than a regular Yukon/Tahoe. That is a fact. Sure the extended version is larger, but that is not what the article reported. You can get an 8 seat Enclave, as well.

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Class sizes are not based on interior dimensions, they are based on exterior dimensions.
No sir, they are classified on interior space for cars and GVWR for trucks:

The size class for cars is based on interior passenger and cargo volumes as described below. The size class for trucks is defined by the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), which is the weight of the vehicle and its carrying capacity. Fuel economy regulations do not apply to heavy-duty vehicles, so they are not tested. See Which Vehicles Are Tested for more information on these vehicles.

Vehicle Size Classes Used in the Fuel Economy Guide
Class Passenger & Cargo Volume (Cu. Ft.)
Two-Seaters Any (cars designed to seat only two adults)
Minicompact < 85
Subcompact 85 to 99
Compact 100 to 109
Mid-Size 110 to 119
Large 120 or more
Station Wagons
Small < 130
Mid-Size 130 to 159
Large 160 or more
Class Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)*
Pickup Trucks Through 2007 As of 2008
Small < 4,500 lbs. < 6,000 lbs.
Standard 4,500 to 8,500 lbs. 6,000 to 8,500 lbs.
Vans Through 2010 As of 2011
Passenger < 8,500 lbs. < 10,000 lbs.
Cargo < 8,500 lbs.
Minivans < 8,500 lbs.
SUVs Through 2010 2011–12
All < 8,500 lbs. < 10,000 lbs.
As of 2013
Small < 6,000 lbs.
Standard 6,000 to 9,999 lbs.
Special Purpose Vehicles Through 2010 As of 2011
< 8,500 lbs. < 8,500 lbs.
or < 10,000,
depending on configuration
*Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is calculated as truck weight plus carrying capacity.
See less See more
Interior volume is not a true accurate reflection of the actual usable space, manufacturers tweak it around to make it marketable, car interior is irregular size, how they package it can have a lot of unusable spaces but still calculated into the interior volume. If you want to compare actual sizes for passengers, leg room, shoulder room, hip room, head room are the numbers you want to focus on. Tahoe has Enclave beat on every category except third row leg room. I rented both and Enclave is definitely smaller when you ride in it.

What you say about the passenger seat space may be true, but the fact remains the Enclave is bigger inside than the Tahoe. Also, they are both 79 inches wide and the Tahoe is a whopping .2 inches shorter. Also, good luck trying to put much of anything behind the third row of a standard length Tahoe.

Conclusion: Only by GVWR is the Enclave and Tahoe in different size classes.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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