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As a looooong time SRX V6 RWD owner I have always been a cheerleader for the V6 whenever someone asks if it has enough power.
Granted mine is not the heavier AWD model. I live on the flat coast of SC and have driven the car in the 2400' elevation of Hendersonville, NC all the way to the 6600' elevation of Mt. Mitchell, and it has almost always had enough power.
Well my wife and I went to Highlands(4118' elevation) and Cashiers, NC for our first anniversary last weekend and the car was seriously challenged. Enough so that I kept it in manual shift mode up and down the mountain. In 2nd and 3rd gear it had more than enough power to scoot away from other cars. Even on the many hairpins.
But I did a LOT of shifting to keep it around 3000 rpms.
I noticed that all of the other SRXs we saw in Highlands were AWD V8 models.

Granted this is a rare event that we would be traveling in such a mountainous area but I think the DI 3.6L with it's extra torque and 40 more hp
AND 6 speed auto would be the hot ticket.

When the SRX came out it was the fastest V6 around, but in 4 years everyone else has gotten more powerful.
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