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I've created a monster.

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About a month ago, Mom says, "Let's go out to the local diner for dinner. I'll meet you & your brother there."

I must explain, my brother drives an AMC Eagle wagon & keeps the back seat folded down as that's where he throws his wheelchair after he gets in. I drive an 04 Chevy Colorado extended cab & although Mom has been in the "back seat" of the truck, it's difficult for her to get in & out (we only did this once). :crowded: Mom drives a Toyota Rav4 & keeps the back seat & rear pretty much full of stuff for her cat shows (it only seats 2 now), hence the, "I'll meet you there" comment.

My brother asks why we don't take the Caddy (90 SDV). Well, duh! :bang2: Why didn't I think of that! The car had spent the previous 3-4 months parked by the road with a for sale sign on it & I'd completely forgotten about it, even though it was still registered & insured.

So, off we went, brother in the front, Mom in the back seat, wheelchair in the trunk. We pull out, head down the road & Mom comments about how spacious & comfortable it is back there. :) After dinner, on the way back home, Mom asks what the Caddy needs (could use new tires, a couple motor mounts, & a couple other minor things) & says, "Whatever it needs, get it done & I'll pay." :worship:

Since then, we've been out to eat at least once a week & always the same, pile in the Caddy & 'drive Miss Daisy.'

Last weekend, the weather was pretty nice here, so bro & I break out the polisher & attack the dead paint on the Cad. Three & a half hours later... :eek: the car is a solid 20/20 car, & looks better than it has in probably 6-7 years (I've "owned" it for 2 years, but the GF was using it until last summer when she inherited an '89 Olds 88).

Like I said, I think I've created a monster. Mom is enjoying being cheuffered around in the Caddy &, to tell the truth, I enjoy driving it. :cloud9:
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Ralph said:
Looking good! What kind of wax?
Menzerna intensive Polish & Menzerna FMJ ("wax")
Classic Motoring Accessories
5112 W Linebaugh Ave
Tampa, Fl 33624

If their advertising is to be believed, this is a German product that was developed for cars that spend the winter outdoors exposed to the elements there. It is supposed to last 12 months. It is a polymer product, but gives the paint color "depth" & "warmth" like a carnuba wax, unlike other polymer waxes we've used in the past (like NEWFINISH). Only 2 caveats are: DO NOT apply this in direct sunlight or on a hot surface, you'll be removing it with alcohol & starting over, & it IS expensive.

For what it's worth, my bro did his 86 AMC Eagle 3 months ago & although it's not exposed to DIRECT weather it does get indirect rain & lots of wind driven dirt blown on it. After 3 months, it's holding up quite well & he does get the occasional thumbs up & "AWSOME CAR, DUDE!" from the 20-somthing guys (that have not seen one of these before, I assume).

Ralph, that pic was taken last July, long before cleaning it. It looks better today. :thepan:
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Cadillacs are like electric ass-wash toilets........try it once and you're a believer!


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