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it's fixed

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Finally got my 98 Catera running GREAT. New head gaskets, Water pump, Timing belt and kit, Serpentine belt, Heater control valve. Both the heater control valve and the head gaskets were leaking coolent to the outside of the engine. Thanks to everyone here who helped me with getting this running again. Unfortunatly now because of job issues I have to sell it. If anyone is interested please email me [email protected]
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S'hit how much that all that cost you ? did you do the work your self or ... dealership ... i prefer to do work on my car my self and then when i cant put it back hahaha(A) i go to the shop
I fixed about half of it and I got a guy I work with to do the head gaskets and the cam belt, after I took apart everything else then I put it all back together.
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