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OK .. so purchased new 2005 STS (the works: NAV, HUD, norstar, Laser Cruise, etc) in March 2005. Great car, no problems .. UNTIL ..

Christmas eve .. Cleveland, OH (700+ miles away from home).. car has 7100 miles on it. STS starts to idle funny, smell @ exhaust, check engine light .. bas things have happened. Call onstar .. "misfire condition" car towed to dealer.

Monday. dealer diagnosis is to replace ECM. No part until Tuesday. Pickup car Tuesday, get 1000' from dealer .. Check engine light, AGAIN. Dealer reads codes, over 13 codes. Dealer orders crank sensor and alignment tool. Car ready Thursday.

Thursday comes, now we need another sensor (can't remember this one). No car will be ready Friday by lunch .. anyone from Vegas ?? Want to bet ??

Cadillac customer service has been great, but it doesn't change the fact I had to get a rental car (dealer was closed on Christmas eve) and fly home (I had to get back to work), then arrange to have my Brother drive the car back, then fly him home.

What a fricken mess .. Now I remember why I've owned (3) Lexus vehicles :helpless:

Any thoughts or suggestions from anyone ??
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