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It happened again!!

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Driving home tonight and POOF!! P0420 now remember I got the car back 1 week ago Monday from replacing the other one for P0430........ What a PITA!! Gonna call Kachina tomorrow morning and see if I am going to have to take it in for them to read the code. I sure hope not cause its an hour there and and hour back. What really sucks is that I was going to have my emissions check done Friday.
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Your so funny....... At least its under the Emissions Warranty.
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PGA2B, don't hesitate to send me a private message if you would like me to contact your dealer on your behalf at any point. I'm always happy to follow up with them regarding your concerns!


Cadillac Customer Service
Thanks Katie but I have a very good relationship with Dan Boardman at Kachina. So no issues there.


i have onstar and they can read a codde for you--also AAMCO does it for free if thheyre nearby
I have HP Tuners Pro so I pull my own codes. They just need to document the code for Emissions Warranty purposes to get paid by GM for the work.
Mine got replaced under warranty back last July. If I have the car next time it needs to be replaced I will go that route. There is also a company making Upper and Lower front control arm bushings and Upper and Lower rears for ours and should be ready in late March or early April. Mine are squeeking like a hoopty.

My manifold is on order and will be here 1-2 weeks. Has to come direct from GM but it is in stock.
If your diff bushing is bad you will feel vibration in the driveshaft that will cause you to feel it in your seat. As for Control arms you will hear it squeek going over bumps and when you stop.
I haven't yet. But to be honest I haven't checked on it either.
Just got back from Kachina with a new Passenger side Cat and Manifold. So those of you waiting for one should get it soon!

Now I have to adjust the MAF table AGAIN............ The bad cat was causing a false lean condition. Good thing it was actually rich....
Yep you got me! Its running great! Had a little tuning to do and shes running like a top now and my idle issue is gone. I figured it was related to the cats and now I am sure of it.
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