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It happened again!!

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Driving home tonight and POOF!! P0420 now remember I got the car back 1 week ago Monday from replacing the other one for P0430........ What a PITA!! Gonna call Kachina tomorrow morning and see if I am going to have to take it in for them to read the code. I sure hope not cause its an hour there and and hour back. What really sucks is that I was going to have my emissions check done Friday.
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My car is still at the dealer from the 10th of January. They "Think" the catalytic converter will be in by the end of March.
I had planned to sell it and buy a new V but I think I may end up keeping it. As for driving it no. Its failed that bad.
Just got back from Kachina with a new Passenger side Cat and Manifold. So those of you waiting for one should get it soon!

Now I have to adjust the MAF table AGAIN............ The bad cat was causing a false lean condition. Good thing it was actually rich....
As did I.. My car feels like something iv never driven. Now I'm just waiting on them to finish the body work they messed up on.
Got my drivers side done. It took dealer 2 days to change it.
My part came in on the truck that morning with the "overnight" shipment. They had it on in less then 6 hours. Good work but they didnt need to rush. lol
1 - 5 of 34 Posts
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