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It happened again!!

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Driving home tonight and POOF!! P0420 now remember I got the car back 1 week ago Monday from replacing the other one for P0430........ What a PITA!! Gonna call Kachina tomorrow morning and see if I am going to have to take it in for them to read the code. I sure hope not cause its an hour there and and hour back. What really sucks is that I was going to have my emissions check done Friday.
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Yea, I,m still waiting for mine. Had same P0420 and when I went in the Tech made an issue
about my Spectre Intake. My service advisor said no problem. I have been waiting a week now, maybe they will
get new manifold next week. PGA2B, have you ever considered poly-urethane differential bushing? Found a place that sells
them and might change mine out.

PGA2B, Just curious if you got your manifold yet.
I have been waiting one month now. The dealer
said they had to order direct from the manufacturer.
I think 4 weeks is a little bit long to wait on a part that
is under federal emissions warranty.
what do you mean its failed that bad.
I drive mine with a bad cat and find no problems with it.
Got my drivers side done. It took dealer 2 days to change it.
Yea, that is what I told the dealer. Can high efficiency cats be adapted
to your headers. I live in a lifetime smog state unfortunately. Let me know.
1 - 5 of 34 Posts
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