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hello my fellow Cadiilac owners, My name is Tommy Deville. As this is my first post I will give you a brief but accurate history about myself. I live In Staten Island NY, My dad drove caddys A 73 coupe Deville, 500 motor than an 83 coupe which was my 1st car God I loved that car, I than bought a 81 Eldo which was fun, Than I had a 90 Coupe Which was an awesome car. My pops and I than leased matching Auoras, and they both fell apart I had to replace my motor at 60k I than swore off american Cars and leased a VW PASSAT 6CYL 5 SPD TO DATE THE BEST CAR I EVER OWNED!

My lease was up I just bought a house I decided to give the VW back and look for somthing used, I wanted a late 90's Eldo or a 97 and up Caddy Concurs, but it had to be black with crome wheels and light interior. Well low and behold I found one @ scotts auto located on Hylan Blvd Si, NY. 93k paid $4900. Well it needed a few things Tires Brakes, Oil change Air filter etc. Which i did the car rode rea real nice, back window rattles, had to get that re-set. My rear suspension craped out a month after I bought the car so I replaces the rear springs and bought a new set of passives thru strut masters, my mechanic said he could put them in and disable the lights and messages on the DIC using the resitors that came with the set, but after two days of trying he said it could not be done. Any sugguestions how to mount the resitors and make them work?? I need to go faster than 90 mph.

My model came with steering wheel cell phone mounted controls, is there any way to rewire them to operate the climate control? Also my steering wheel mounted radio controls dont work, both sides light up when the lights r on any Ideas?

And of course the heated seats dont work, I have noticed that the drivers side seat looks like its been pulled apart back and side, sometimes I play with the wireing and it works for a while, what should I b looking for?

I think thats it, the car runs real nice shifts fine all gauges lights a/c work fine.
I did notice when im doing a WOT at like 124-135 mph my lights dim and i get A battery not charging message, My Auora did not do this, any Idea why?

Also Any Ideas what the cost would be for ths steering wheel controls?
I need to find a Mechanic near me that just works on Caddys, I had one years ago, This guy Ronnie, but he was old school caddy mechanic that retired in late 80's, besides im sure hes completly retired by now. Again, any one in the SI area that knows of one plz let me know.

Thanks for reading, Please, Please respond!

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I just replaced a steering wheel control on my daughters '99 SLS. It cost me $35 shipped from gmpartsdirect.

Mine has the phone option also and I have heard that just changing the switch will do the trick as it has different voltage so that will make the conversion, though I have not done it..... yet, so I cannot confirm it.
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