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I searched the forum and couldn't find anything that addressed the particular symptoms we are having.

My hubby's 2013 has just started having issues with the wipers. When the front wipers are turned on to any of the delay settings, they gradually wipe slower and slower until they stop all together. At that point, they will only work when set to high. The spray still sprays. Then, all of a sudden, they start to work properly again.

The back wiper also seems to be an issue, when it is turned on to the first setting, which is delay, there seems to be a much longer delay than usual between wipe cycles. Then if it is turned on full speed, which I seem to recall being a constant back and forth wipe, it merely does a delay wipe cycle but with more frequent intervals than the other setting. Unfortunately we are at the cottage for the weekend and I can't check if this wiper works the same way on my truck.

Since they are calling for rain on Sunday, I would appreciate any input to decide if this will result in complete failure sooner than later and we should go home before the rain comes to have this addressed, or risk having to tow truck, kids, dogs, luggage etc. home.


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