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2018 Premium 4WD
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Has anyone else had something set off the functions around the CUE?

I can’t figure out what’s it is. I think something is going on before I exit. I suspect I'm not getting a notification because I open the door too fast and cut
the power- but that’s just a guess. I thought maybe I grazed something on the way to the CUE, but that’s not it. I understand Android devices have
touch screens that are hypersensitive. I have all Apple product and they don’t. I took a pic of the PA being unavailable after starting the car (which I
never turned off BTW) w/o flash. The functions around the CUE went bonkers turning things on & off. The only functions that appear to be unaffected are the two top right & left, which work the side rails & glove box.

When you touch the screen there's a low voltage drop in that location. That's about where my electrical engineering skills end. I'm not sure if that's true
for the functions around the CUE.

It’s a pain, because you’re constantly having to reset the car. Service is stumped.

Phone battery?
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