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2008 CTS
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Hi guys,

I have a 2008 CTS and a few months ago I noticed the navigation screen (when raised) flashes when I have the radio on and makes a sound like it's loading a CD constantly or it's just trying to load something constantly (this occurs whether a CD is in or not). That has since stopped so I never took it in since I can't reproduce it consistently.

I always have my radio on and when I drive with the screen down and then press the button to raise it, the screen goes up for a second and then immediately goes down again. I have to do this at least 4 times until it finally stays up and sometimes it doesn't stay up. If it does stay up sometimes I can't get the navigation to work at all.

Has any one else had this issue? Before I take it to the dealership I would love to know how much it cost others to fix? I'm worried this is going to be a pricey fix and want to make sure it's worth taking it in.

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